Seeker Stud Earrings

Seeker Stud Earrings

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Our subconscious minds are influenced by the symbols around us; the diamond represents the balance between the yin and the yang, the seen and the unseen. With the option of smaller studs, or a larger set that has a slight dangle below the earlobe. Available with a variety of natural stones for complete customization and personal significance.


Black Spinel, great for detoxing, healing and protection.

Black Diamond for energy, action and transcendence.

White diamond for purity and attracting abundance.


Blue Sapphires promote good fortune, and spiritual insight. Great for Chakra healing.

Tourmalines promote self confidence, and diminishes fear. Also an additive element to the

Seeker studs, balances yin and yang energy for a double dose of healing.

*made to order, 1-2 week production time

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